Designers Guild

Common Man Games is focused on long-term positive results in the area of bringing to the market great games by great designers.

Part of this involves establishing and maintaining good working relationships with designers we believe have values, styles, and approaches to board games that is in-line with our’s.  We see the Danish designer, Ole Steiness, as top of this list!

We would like to feature Ole Steiness here in our Designer’s Guild section of our website.  He has long been known for his video games, but now with his design of Police Precinct, we see this as just the beginning of his board games.

We hope to have a working relationship with Ole for many years to come.  We want Ole to feel that Common Man Games is here to help him express his creativity as a board game designer.

What is Ole up to now?

Well…  We know he is cooking up some great ideas.  We don’t want to rush him too much with his next game, and we want to focus on the release of Police Precicnt, so more about exaqct detials later, but sufice it to say, he has some great stuff cooking in that design oven of his.

WHERE?  Ole resides in Copenhagen, Denmark

WHEN?  When did this bug first bite Ole?  He made his first original board game design as a teenager!

INSPIRATION?  Where does it come from?  Most are inspired by either computer games, movies or existing board games (or a combination).

Q.A. & DESIGN:  Ole works as a game designer and Quality Assurance Manager at a big, Danish game studio.  This acts as a great backdrop for his creativity and inspiration.

MORE:  So you want more do you!  Visit Ole’s blog at…