The following is a list of sites that relate in someway to our products or that we think boardgame enthusiasts would find interesting, useful, or flat-out fun! 

Police Precinct:
[This page is ALL about JUST Police Precinct]

GTS Distribution:
[GTS:  A great source for game stores in the USA, with $50+ million in sales, 8 distribution centers throughout North America, over 2,000 active dealers, and one of the top distributors for Wizards of the Coast for their games Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, as well as a top distributor for brands such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.] 

Ole Steiness Design Blog:
Follow the creative tinkering of the designer of Police Precinct

The Dice Tower:  www.dicetower.comSee Reviews of all your favorite games, games you are thinking about buying, and new games you have never heard of.  Very fun and entertaining!
They also have a Con over the 4th of July every year (see Con section below).

Board Game Quest:
Like Dice Tower, BGQ has lots of great reviews, news, and more!

Board Game Geek:
[The hub of the gaming community]

Board Gaming:
[Similar to BGG]

[Has become North America’s community-based interactive vetting platform for the gaming community]

Insert Here: check it out!
[Custom after-market storage solutions for boardgames by Robert Searing of The Dice Tower]

Strategy Game Network:
[Risk Style board game community using custom maps]
(and an interesting article about RISK)

Puerto Rico:
[HTML based web version of the Puerto Rico board game]

Club Fantasci Awards: Click Here!
[By The Lowry Agency, annual awards program]

Best Boardgame Sites:  Click Here
[You can vote on your favorite and find new ones]

Game Table On Line:
[this site is down now for some, as of now unknown, period of time — my hope is that it comes back at some point — it was a truly great Java based gaming platform which included well know titles such as Acquire, Vegas Showdown, and Axis and Allies — the web address was gametableonline dot com — cross your fingers!]


We have decided to create a page full of links specifically and solely for POLICE PRECINCT!


The following is a list of Conventions (and or Events) that we have (or plan to in the future) support and or attend…


Toy Fair, NYC, NY – Feb

Genghis Con, Denver, CO – Feb

GAMA, Las Vegas, NV – March


Gathering O F, Buffalo, NY – April

Conclave of Gamers, DIA (Denver. CO) – July

London Family Game Days, Canada, – April & November

EverCon, Denver, CO – April

Origins, Columbus, OH – June


Dice Tower ConOrlando, FL – July

Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN – August

Tacticon, Denver, CO – August/Sept


Spiel, Essen, Germany – October

BGG Con, Dallas, TX – Nov

Complete List, of all cons worldwideClick Here



There are not many games in the Police sector, but we hope to change that!

Since we have decided to Release an entire line of Law Enforcement Games, we though it would be a cool idea to track some of the others that are out there…

Good Cop Bad Cop

Three Days Until Retirement: A Game About Cops On The Edge

The Thin Blue Line: A Detroit Police Story

Charm City Blues

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

If you know of one in particular that you want to see on this list, email us at…

Subject line…  “Add this game to your OTHER POLICE GAMES section of the CMG Links page”



The following is a list of Kickstarters that caught our eye…

(ORDER:  The most recently added one is at the top, and the oldest one is at the bottom)

We tend to leave these up after the campaigns are over so that some extra attention can still be drawn them.

TwoGeeks Gaming

Boardgame rePUBlic!

Mighty Heroic Minis – Playing Cards

Realm Adventure League

Super Hero Cards

Thin Blue Line

 Terra Tiles

 Puzzle Lore