Do you own a game store?

Common Man Games is interested in helping game store owners to gain access to our products.

Common Man Games has distribution in North America via an exclusive network provided by GTS.  This means that you already have an account with us (so-to-speak).  Meaning that you already buy from GTS, or should I say… “you should already be buying games from GTS, as they have a growing list of great board games that you can only buy from them.”  We here at Common Man Games are proud to say that we offer all of our games exclusively through GTS.

The Network involves 8 strategically placed DCs.
This coverage enables us to get you the games faster and more economically.

Distribution Center Locations:

Allentown, PA
Atlanta, GA
Grand Rapids, MI
Honolulu, HI
Los Angeles, CA
Phoenix, AZ
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA

To learn more, please email inquires to


If you are a store in Europe, please contact BNW (Brave New World). They operate all of the distribution for The EU and other Non-EU parts of Europe. If you are unfamiliar with them, please contact us, and we would be happy to put you in touch.

Here is a list of our BNW approved Stores in Europe:

Austria, Vienna

Belgium, Antwerp

Germany, Cologne

Greece, Athens

Poland, Warsaw

Spain, Cordoba

Sweden, Stockholm

UK, London


In order to service the needs of retailers in all geographic zones, we are interested in setting-up distribution relationships strategically throughout the world.  Properly setting-up distribution on a world-wide basis takes time and careful attention to detail.  As part of this ongoing process, we encourage all inquiries.  Common Man Games is especially interested in discussing distribution arrangements with entities who are willing and able to participate as, not only a distribution arm (servicing your retail store), but also as a print-partner at some level.  In exchange for this, Common Man Games will entertain exclusivity arrangements for specific countries (or regions of the world). Must have a freight forwarder located within the USA. 

If you represent a store, a distributor, or a publisher, in a part of the world outside of North America / Europe, please let us know of your interest in our games via email:


Our commitment in North America is, during the time that you are stocking our games, we will only sell direct to the public at Full MSRP.  


Police Precinct = $59.99
(1st and/or 2nd Edition)

The Kit = $28.80
(includes The Heat, Rioting Gangs, Mad Men 5-Pack, 2 Promo Cards, and Revised Rulebook)

It is also important to note that the only time we will offer a discount off of MSRP is prior to The Street Date (before you have the game).  

Why do we offer any discount at all ever?  

Here’s why…  

First of all these discounts are not excessive.  

Secondly, in order to have a reasonable chance of being able to make some sort of profit from publishing a board game or card game, we here at Common Man Games have determined that it is necessarily to sell a certain amount of our games via retail channels (meaning directly from us to the end user).  Thus, it is our goal to sell a percentage of any print-run to the end user, BUT…  This percentage is VERY small. The fact is, there will be plenty of stores that will end-up selling at prices that are WELL BELOW anything we ever offer during the Pre-Street-Date phase (or ever).

Thirdly, we do this to benefit YOU!  Keep in mind that these folks who get the game early are the ones who create the positive buzz about the game.  It is this positive buzz that is critical to your success as a retailer.  It is the number 1 driver of traffic to your store.

How do we get these Pre-Release sales?

A couple of examples of vehicles that can help in accomplishing this goal might be; a basic P-500 style campaign (via networking, etc.), or possibly Kickstarter (or other crowd funding sites).  With Police Precinct we actually did sort-of a combination of these two.  It is our belief that, in today’s world, without these tools and without the critical up-front retail sales they provide, it is a recipe for disaster (or at a minimum, too risky) to publish games in this way anymore.  We are of the belief that Sites like Kickstarter offer a valuable vetting opportunity   We feel (as a general rule), that if a game can’t get proper funding on Kickstarter it should not be published at all.  We furthermore believe that if it can get funded, AND if proper distribution is in place, AND if the print-run is of ample size to provide ongoing support for retailers, that the game will be successful in providing game store owners with an excellent profit opportunity.  

To put it more simply, what we are trying to say is…  

Get some Police Precinct from GTS!.  

We have found that another big advantage of these Pre-Release retail avenues is that they allow for great input from these enthusiastic early backers.  This input does truly generate better games.  

In order to reward the backers for getting behind the game at such an early stage, it is important to provide them with some clear benefits for doing this, such as a modest discount off of MSRP (not too much), early delivery (to build buzz), free shipping possibly, and maybe some extra items (also available later via retail).  Without the help of these early backers of the game, Police Precinct (and other games like it), would never reach store shelves.  We all owe them a big debt of gratitude!  

Unlike many of the small publishers popping up on the crowd funding scene, we are dedicated to distribution and supporting a title well after the initial release.  We’re a little Old-school in that way.  The “New School” trend, at this point, is Kickstarter and DONE! Meaning, who needs retailers? That’s not our attitude! 

There is a lot of talk going around right now that Retailers will be hurt by Crowd Funding. Our feeling is that the world of Retail is changing rapidly  but we do not believe that Brick and Mortar game stores are ready to roll-over.  We believe that retailers will have to be nimble and make changes, but there is a place for both!  Not only is there a place, but we actually feel that ultimately, the entire industry will grow and prosper, and with this rising tide, up will go all the boats!  I guess this view makes us a little Old School and a little New Age!

We wish to play an important role in the success of game stores.  We want to be your partner in bringing great games to the marketplace.

For more on this topic, including a real life example of how a Kickstarter can positively impact retailers, Click Here!

Thanks from Common Man Games!