Brain Storming

We want your involvement in directing the future path of Police Precinct.

If that sounds interesting to you, here is what you can do…

1.  Design Variants / Expansions!


2.  Play-test the designs of others.

We welcome YOU to our creative team!

If you have an idea for an expansion or variant here is what you can do:

Start by posting it on BGG

After you do this, we here at Common Man Games (if we are paying good attention) will notice your post and create a link to it from this page.

We will be primarily creating links to posts that have a fairly “finished” feel to them, meaning that the post is more like a rule-book than just an idea, though we do reserve the right to create some links to ideas that we particularly hope get further development (hint hint).

In the year 2013, on or about April Fools Day (I’m not joking), we created this brainstorming page on our website, and most of the ideas we have noticed popping-up on BGG since that time have links (below).

We feel that including YOU in this process is a very good idea.  We know that fans of Police Precinct have been a great source of inspiration for the game in the past, and we fully expect this to continue.

Thanks to everyone who contributes in this way!!!

We believe that through discussions on BGG threads, good ideas might become GREAT ideas!

If it tests out well, we may publish your idea, and credit you!

Here is our invitation to you to join in the process…


“Ready-to-Play” means that fans of the game can read these posts as they would a rule-book, and play right away with (in theory) no questions or issues.   It should be noted that items found in this section, while Ready-to-Play, likely can benefit from more testing and refinement (how true this is varies), but PLEASE feel free to play and offer feedback, thanks!  These are listed in order of when created (newer at top)…

Super-Cop  posted by CMG on 4/30/2013 (head Play-Tester / Co-Designed by Brandon Miller):


“Fairly well finished” means that fans of the game can likely read these posts and play right away with only a few questions and or issues.  Designers who feel their post deserves to be moved up to the next level (“Ready-to-Play”, see above) should contact CMG and request such status (read criteria above).  Listed in order of when created (newer at top)…

Vigilantes  Posted by Nico Jemex on 7/15/2013:

Eluding Authorities   posted by Erick Sais on 6/23/2013:

Intimidation   posted by Todd Hammond on 5/04/2013:

Arresting  posted by Todd Hammond on 4/29/2013:


“In-Idea-Stage” means that fans of the game can likely read these posts and draw much excitement about this developing idea and potentially offer the designer encouragement and feedback in the thread.  Designers who feel their post deserves to be moved up to the next level (“Fairly well finished”, see above) should contact CMG and request such status (read criteria above).  
Listed in order of when created (newer at top)…

Channel 68   posted by Jeff Brzozowski on 7/24/2013:



CHiPs  posted by Erick Sais on 7/05/2013:


Ole Steiness, designer of Police Precinct, is busy with many design projects.  He will be coming out with new games via Common Man Games and via other publishers in the industry.  Top on his list of projects is the development of expansions for Police Precinct.  He is a MACHINE and there is no end to the cool stuff that is on it’s way from Ole for fans of Police Precinct (trust me, I have seen it, and I am a believer).  If you have an appetite for expansions, he will be serving you up a hearty meal.
Not to get into any details here, but just to mention some of the titles he is working on in the area of Police Precinct Expansions…
The Harbor
Jewel Heist
(Just the tip of the iceberg)
Details to follow.


In addition to the many that we are working on with Ole, here is a small but growing list of other expansions that are pending at this point:




Here is the official CMG Credits Page for Police Precinct —
(It’s a great place to go to see who is up to what, including expansion design)

Stay Tuned!