The first Kickstarter lasted from…
Start Date 3/31/14
End Date 5/30/14
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It’s available to you for $6.99 USD, but if you follow the three easy steps below you can have it for $3.99 <=== see below for how to get yours!

DESCRIPTION:  This is a high-quality full-color PNP with no watermarks, copyright markings or other branding of any kind on the game itself, BUT…
Please understand that, yes it is for personal use only and that this is a Prototype copy which will be different than the final version in several ways.

For a full description, please visit us on BGG.

To get it for $3.99 following these steps:

1 Visit our original Kickstarter!   just to check it out, no big deal! 

2 Send us an email requesting The “$3.99 SNITCH PnP Deal”
Use this address:
(we’ll reply with our Paypal address)

3 Provide some sort of feedback from you:
VIDEO:  We would love to get video reviews or a play-through.
WRITTEN:  Write-ups are great too, on BGG or anywhere you want.
EMAIL REPLY:  Your feedback could be as simple as a quick reply to the email we send you saying something like, “Thanks, looks great!” (or however you feel about it).

4 Get on our Update List (So that we can let you know when it  Re-launches on Kickstarter, and about other Law and Order titles we release) by going HERE!

That is all we ask in return!

By the way, we feel very strongly that this is a great game, to the point where we think that if you take a minute to look at this PNP, you will realize how nice the finished game will be, and that this will help you make up your mind to back the Kickstarter project when we relaunch.

Are we right?

Find out for yourself!

Stay Tuned!


Schickt bitte eine E-Mail an Common Man Games (, um eure nur für den eigenen Gebrauch bestimmte PnP-Datei von SNITCH zu erhalten. Gebt bitte “Hello, please send me a PnP for SNITCH” als Betreff an. Vielen Dank und viel Spaß beim Basteln und Spielen!






Product Code:  CMG-SNI-B-1.0