Release Schedule

The release of the game will happen in a very carefully orchestrated way.

Before we look at that, we recommend that you take a look at the latest news about this subject HERE!

OK, now that we are up-to-speed on that, let’s look at some more detailed info on fulfillment priorities and procedures…

2E Schedule & Procedure for Fulfillment

OTHER KS ENDS:  (Done!)December 2013

As many of you know, we were running two side-by-side Kickstarter campaigns for Police Precinct in late 2013.  The other campaign ended quickly (MUCH sooner than this one), AND it delivered (also) quickly.  This Kickstarter will be unlike any of our others in that we are doing a “Split-Delivery”.  Some of the rewards will ship out Ultra-Fast (within minutes of the campaign’s end), and then much later (more in sync with normal Kickstarter delivery speeds) the rest of the rewards will go out. Backers who are getting a 2nd Edition (which is most backers) will be part of this 2nd wave of shipments.

THIS KS ENDS:  (Done!)January 2014

In late January (60 days long).

KITS SHIP:  (“Early” Kits Done, Regular Kits Pending) – January 2014

Meaning, that any backer who pledged at a level that earned them a reward that is a Kit (or any item that is a part-of a Kit, like The Heat, etc.) will get their reward shipped to them right away after this campaign ends.  That is, provided that, the Kit is not part of a “Package Deal” (meaning that it includes BOTH the Kit AND the 2nd Edition).  Those reward packages will ship out when everything is ready to go.

STREET DATE FOR KITS:  (Announced to Distributors – Done) – April Fools 2014

(April 1st 2014) This is the Date that retail stores will be allowed to start selling the Kits and or any of the other items that are included in the Kit.

FILES SENT:  (Done) – September 2014

When we have a finished product (meaning PDFs), then we need to get those to the factory so they can started producing the games we all want!

FACTORY DONE:  (Pending) – ??? 

This will be an exciting day!  CMG will pick-up the games in a container and they will begin their journey across the sea.

GAMES ARRIVE IN USA:  (Pending) – ???

They made it to a US port, and now need to get through customs and all the way to the final destination so that fulfillment can begin!

BNW SHIPMENT:  (Pending) – ???

But first CMG must send games to BNW who will be handling EU and Worldwide shipments (everything except USA and Canada).


Then we would send the Canadian games to Vancouver.  Starlit will handle fulfillment, but will NOT be selling any copies until the actual Street Date.

VIP BACKERS:  (Pending) – ???

The first direct shipments or rewards we make will be to the folks who backed this campaign at the VIP level.  This is one of the ways we try to thank them for their generosity and support. Once this is complete we will begin the shipping of all the others.

STANDARD BACKERS:  (Pending) – ???

CMG (or it’s agent) will ship these orders out as fast as possible.  The actual fulfillment of the orders may be handled by CMG, or another entity (tbd).

ECONO BACKERS:  (Pending) – ???

After the standard orders are sent, the Econo (Early Bird) orders will go out right away.

PRE-RELEASE BUYERS:  (Pending) – ???

Shortly after the Kickstarter ended we needed to decide how to handle Pre-Release demand. The way we handled it for the 1st Kickstarter back in 2012 seemed like a good approach, so why not use this model again (was our thinking). With this in mind we did offer this as an option to those who missed out on the Kickstarter.  Here is how the shipping will work for those who got in on this:

We will take a pause after all the Kickstarter Orders have shipped, and then we will begin shipping The Pre-Release Buyers.  They will go out in batches based on a priority system. The earlier they ordered, the earlier they ship.

RETAIL BACKERS:  (Pending) – ???

There will be a waiting period before these orders ship out.  This period of time is designed to allow the individual backers to wallow in the sheer joy of being the ONLY ones who have it, and to let backers spread the word about the game, which will help these retailers (and all retailers) to be successful with the game.  The waiting period will be likely a couple weeks, but these retail backers WILL get shipped well before the street date.  Exact timing to be determined, but we are committing to shipping these out at least 2 weeks prior to the Street Date to give you Retail Backers a nice edge!

GTS SHIPMENTS:  (Pending) – ???

In the days leading up to the Street Date, GTS will be shipping dealers games all over the USA, with a very clear message that they MUST wait until the Street Date to sell.

STREET DATE 2ND EDITION:  (Pending) – ???

The exact date can’t be determined yet of course, but the Street Date will be somewhere in the range of 1-2 months after the games start shipping out to Kickstarter backers.


Just to touch on a few things…

CORRECT DATES: When you read the schedule above, and then compare it to the delivery dates listed on most of the Kits (and Kit components) on our Kickstarter page, you might begin to wonder why those dates are so different than what is listed above. The reason for this is that it is impossible to change a delivery date (and most everything else about a reward level) once anyone has backed it. So for example, the Canadian Kits will NOT be shipped out to backers in December of 2014, instead we will ship them MUCH sooner (JAN/Feb 2014).

UPDATED DATES: As time moves along, we will attempt to keep this page updated, though updates to the BGG Timing Page should prove to be delivered more quickly, so…  Get your news on timing HERE!