Dirty Bomb

Don’t worry, we’re not going to hold you hostage for long!

Just long enough to make our demands known!


1.  We want YOU to know what you have in your hand,  Which is…
The one and only “Dirty Bomb Event Card” (for more info see “Rules” below).

2.  We want YOU to learn more about Police Precinct!

3.  We want to hear from you if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions.

4. Have you been to our latest Kickstarter yet (ending July 31 2015)

Question:  Did you…


There’s a good chance that you just picked up this card for free at a convention, or possibly won it in a contest or bought it via the BGG store.  If that’s the case, and if you don’t know much about Police Precinct yet, then you might not know what this card is or how to use it.  That’s why we put the QR code on the card.

If you are new to the world of Police Precinct, then we say…  “Welcome!”


Please explore around this website to find out more about this great game and about Common Man.

If you’re a Rookie, start HERE!

Next question:  If you don’t already have this card, do you…


It’s not always easy to get one, but there are ways…

1.  Dirty Bomb cards are distributed free of charge at certain shows.

2.  From time-to-time we sell them via our web store.

3.  More commonly, the BGG Store carries them.

4.  We always try to make them available via our Kickstarters.

5.  Through certain promotions we have with our distributor, it is also possible that you could pick one up at your favorite game store, (individually in some cases, and also via The Kit).

6.  Sometimes we give them away during contests, etc.



The Dirty Bomb Card, just like several of the other expansionary items (Rioting Gangs, Mad Men, Rocket Launcher), is intended to be used with any edition of Police Precinct, by adding it to the Event Deck.  In the case of The Dirty Bomb Card, simply add it to the Event Deck to create a bit more variety. Unlike the Mad Men Cards, there are NO special rules for play other than to (as always) follow the directions on the card as they appear.

We think you will especially enjoy this card because it is a very different style of Event than anything else seen before.  Furthermore, replayability is improved because this card can play-out VERY differently each time it’s used.


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