Hello and welcome to The Heat!

The Heat is…

Made in the USA!

The 5th Expansionary item for Police Precinct.

A way to add Gear and new Characters to the game.

To learn more, either go to The Heat’s Kickstarter page.

Or to see a very informative review of the game by Game Boy Geek, go to the 2nd Edition Kickstarter page and look for the video in the section for The Heat.

Or see a Real Cop’s perspective on The Heat!  For The Chief’s review click HERE!

For those who don’t already own The Heat, and want to pick up a copy, the current option for this is to use the 2nd Edition Kickstarter which offers The Heat as a pledge Level (also consider The Kit, which includes The Heat and other goodies). Click HERE!

Now, let’s turn our attention to some needed details for setting up the game (see page 6 of the rules, specifically the far right column of the set-up chart, headed with the word “Other”)…


* Manic
With Manic, the Murderer is extra tough and considered highly dangerous.  The police must take utmost care when attempting to arrest him.  Here’s how that looks in terms of game-play:  First of all, unlike standard play, The Murderer does NOT add to the difficulty of arresting the other Punks in his Bad Hood (who, as always, must be arrested first), BUT to arrest the Murderer, you MUST first clear the Hood of ALL other criminal elements, and THEN Arrest the murderer by rolling a 6.  This can be done all in one single action if enough successes are registered.
Example:  Let’s assume there are 3 Punks and the Murderer in a Bad Hood, and the arresting officer rolls the following…
2, 3, 3, 5, and 6.  
This would (in one Action) clear the Hood AND arrest the Murderer!
Here’s why, the 2 is a failure, both 3’s are successes and so too is the 5.  This leaves a spare 6 which can be allocated to the Murderer.  Good Cops Win!!!!   
** Crunch 
You are in a “Time-Crunch”!  The Murderer is going to flee your jurisdiction sooner.  During set-up, place the Crime Track Marker in the usual manner, then remove days from the game by advancing the Turn Track Marker as follows:
1-2 player = 10 days removed!
3-player = 6 days removed!
4-player = 5 days removed!
5-player = 4 days removed!
6-player = 3 days removed!
Example: In a 4-Player game, you would advance the marker 5 spaces toward the end of the game (each space is a day).
Good Luck!!!
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