About Us

Common Man started as a publisher in the 1990s. Our mission has evolved over time, but never have we swayed from our goal to bring interesting, fun, and creative works to niches of the marketplace that we feel are important and where we can make a meaningful difference.

Here are some of our thoughts…


As our focus has shifted over toward games in recent years we have developed our own way of doing things that is a little different than any other game company.  This is in-part due to us trying new things that have never been done before, and just a matter of looking at all the approaches to the industry that we have and noticing that our particular “way” or “style” of doing things is different than any other company out there.

Let’s be clear that…

These sort of statements are not us saying we are better, just unique.

Let’s also be clear that…

THIS does NOT mean that we don’t strive to be “better”, as we are always doing this.

As for being “better” or “the best”, we feel that YES we are the best game company out there so far as certain gamers are concerned.  For gamers that like what we are trying to do, and the way we are going about it…  We ARE The Best Game Company in the World!

Our goal is to provide something that’s really fun, made with quality in mind, and to deliver this with our own unique style.


One example of something that helps contribute to who Common Man Games is, and shows our particular style is…

The degree to which we believe in Including YOU in the creative process.

This is a big thing with us, and folks often express how much they really enjoying the level to which we do this.

It’s something that we like to do in an honest way, which isn’t always easy.

When we make a mistake we don’t try to hide it, instead we try to talk-straight about how it happened, how we hope to avoid this sort of thing in the future, and to look for solutions in an open discussion with you.  Click here to see a brief BGG comment about our open honest approach.

Want to be a part of Common Man Games?

Come join us!

One great way to do this is to visit our Police Precinct page on BGG.


We are a small game company, who is more interested in quality, and uniqueness than trying to grow big.


We feel that we Are The Common Man and that we are here to serve The Common Man!