Streets Of Commonville

Due to the fact that Eric Summerer mentioned this game in early January 2017 as being a part of his Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2017, we have felt like it needed it’s own page (many people have been asking about it since then).

By the way, he placed it at #2 just behind _____ (to find out go here).

Prior to then it was just one of our games that were quietly and patiently waiting in our Q for release.  When a game enters this space for us, there are a number of things that are happening internally and usually fairly out of the public eye (play testing, game development, a certain amount of graphic design work, etc.).

Not all games that enter this space ultimately get published (a lot of things go into this decision).  For those that do, the wait can vary substantially. We hope to see this particular game reach a point of being launched on Kickstarter later this year.

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