We here at Common Man Games are committed to re-imagining how we bring our cardboard to market using TableTopia as a tool to make Better Games Faster.

Here are some links to resources in this area…


A big part of this for us is getting folks involved in the process of playing games on this platform.  This will pave the way for designing, developing, and testing expansions for existing games and completely new games.  Now YOU can be a part of this and it can be easier than ever before…

POST HERE:  (Sign up thread on BGG), or…

EMAIL US: (subject line:  “Sign me up to play-test games on Tabletopia”


If you want to take a deeper look at our philosophy, plans, and evolving thinking — here are a few places where we have spoken out on this topic:

BGG — (A dedicated thread on “Our Thinking”)

KICKSTARTER — (Our statement via a KS Update)

BGG — (Our Press Release)


So far there has only been ONE truely epic event involving Police Precinct and Tabletopia, BUT it was EPIC!  We hope to have more such events so stay tuned!

THE EPIC EVENT — (Watch it on TV NOW, & check out these big names!)

POST GAME DISCUSSION — (Rhado and friends chat up a storm — Just as fun as the game!)

THE BGG THREAD — (Leave a comment if you want)


Be sure to sign up for Twitch TV.  If you watch even just one live broadcast I bet you will sign up for Tabletopia (if you haven’t already)!

HOME PAGE — (check it out)

TV STATION — (The Official Tabletopia Twitch TV)

KICKSTARTER — (here’s what their initial KS looked like — it’s what drew us in)

THE POLICE UPDATE — (Meaning the one that announce that Police Precinct would now be available on Tabletopia!)

THE TV UPDATE — (Meaning the one that announced that Police Precinct would be broadcast live on Twitch TV!)