Rioting Gangs

An Ole Steiness Design!

Brought to you by Common Man Games.



It comes shrink-wrapped as a single package with 10 individual items, as follows:

3 Rioting Gangs color-coded Emergency Cards (additions to the Event Deck)

4 Special Event Cards (Street Collapse, Caught In The Act, Budget Cuts, and Homicidal Maniac)

1 Car Theft Event Card (this is a fixed version intended for 1st Edition owners)

1 Cover Card with QR Code (which directs users to this page)

1 Compass Sticker (this is a fixed version intended for 1st Edition owners)



All 7 of the new Event Cards included in this expansion booster pack are intended to be used with any edition of Police Precinct, by simply adding the cards to the deck and playing as normal.  With this in mind, feel free to play with ALL, some, or none of these new Event Cards.  As always, follow the directions on the card as they appear.
That said…
If you are playing with BOTH Rioting Gangs AND Crooked Lawyers at the same time, and you have an Event at the Hospital already on the board, then you draw another Event in that same location, proceed as follows — Simply place the “New” card on top of the “Old” (Existing) card.  The “New” Card must be dealt with first, and then once this is complete, the “Old” card can be accessed.
Hospital Events:
Emergency (blue) – Rioting Gang – (from Rioting Gangs Expansion)
Emergency (red) – Violent Addict – (from Crooked Lawyers Expansion)


To learn more about who made Rioting Gangs possible, AND to find out who contributed to Police Precinct in all sorts of ways, go here.