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CARD SIZES & COUNT          For Buying Sleeves
Large Cards = 2.5″ X 3.625″ (total of 53 come with the base-game)
Small Cards = 1.75″ X 2.75″ (total of 90 come with the base-game)
We (CMG) carry a thin card sleeve made by May Day (reasonable price-point) — HERE
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Ultra Pro sleeves fit great. 2 5/8″x 3 5/8″
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“COMMITTED”          Joe Kinney
Immediately after flipping his event card (before any die rolls, etc) Joe must decide if he wants to pay a Donut to nullify the card’s effects.  If so the card shall be placed in the discard pile, AND it will be considered a “non-event”, as in “NO Event Card has been, or will be, drawn this turn!” This is is a critical fact in relation to certain Events that could be active at that moment (e.g. – Gas Leak, Car Theft). It means, for example, that the Gas Leak Does NOT need to roll a die this turn.

A side-note:  The effect of Joe’s Committed Special Power (when used) are effectively the same as a particular reward offered for successfully handling certain Emergencies.  The reward we’re talking about here is only available on a limited number of specific cards and looks like a “Blocked Symbol” next to an Event Card (see Burglars, etc).  This reward of course means that the recipient does NOT need to draw an Event Card this turn.  So, once again, NO Event Card draw means NO rolling for the Gas Leak, or moving the stolen car (Car Theft Card).  Note: Down the road, as certain expansions are released, this reward will effect other (new) Event Cards in this same manner (and so to will Joe’s Committed power of course).

COMPASS / CAR THEFT  Click here      Board / Event

DIRTY COP SELF-REVEAL          Page 12
How many donuts are required in order to self-Reveal, AND are they lost in the process?
Regarding this, there is a conflict between what is printed on the Loyalty Card, and what is stated in the 1st Edition original rule-book, which leaves players likely confused.  Let’s clear this up!
The loyalty card states that…  “If you’re a Dirty Cop, spend 2 donuts to reveal”.  Whereas the rule-book states… “…keep all your donuts…”  Though contradictory in nature, BOTH of these are partially right.
Here is the actual rule
“On your turn, as your action, provided that you have at least two donuts, you may reveal your loyalty and take the turn as the Dirty Cop, but first deal with your possessions.  This is done by discard everything you own (Character Card, Police Cards, Vehicle, etc.), except your Loyalty Card and your Donuts (keep ALL of them)“.
This is an “Earn & Burn” type of scenario, whereby you are BOTH “earning” two donuts (in the form of a Pay-off from a “Bad-Guy”), AND “burning” two donuts (in the form of losing your credibility as a “Supposed Good-Guy”, along with it your ability to be sneaky about undermining the “Real Good-Guys”).

Applies to:  1st Edition original rulebook only
Section:  “Accusing another player of being Dirty”
skip down about 3/4 of the way down this section, and you will find a sentence that reads…  “The Dirty cop does not get to use the special skill printed on his/her Loyalty Card (as he/she was involuntarily revealed and barely escapes).”
Please strike this sentence from your rule-books.

DONUT SHARING          Page 5
Is it OK to give another player your donuts?  NO!  The closest you can come to this, is via the Police Card known as Donut Run, but even in that case you are not handing over a donut you possess.
In the 1st Edition Original Rulebook:  See parts 3 and 4 on page 5 under Investigate the Murder as an example of where it is explained that you can’t help others with your donuts (only Police Cards can do the helping).

DONUT USES          Player Aid
Yes, donuts can be used to upgrade a character.  The Player Aid does not list this under “Uses for Donuts”, because the Aid was designed to translate limited information quickly, and therefor lacks details (found in the rules).  This info is however listed on the Aid Card under the “Possible Actions” section on the reverse side (see Upgrade).

EVENT VS. EMERGENCY           Assorted
In the 1st Edition Original Rulebook:  The Event Deck (H) is listed as both an Emergency Deck AND an Event Deck.  Anywhere that this deck is referred to as an Emergency Deck is incorrect.  There are Emergency Cards within the Event Deck.  All Emergency Cards have the word “EMERGENCY” at the top.

EVIDENCE BEFORE          murderer appears
When playing the game, if your group is able to collect ALL of the evidence for the Murder Investigation Board BEFORE the murderer is scheduled to appear (on the 16th of the month), then YOU and all of the other Good Cops Immediately win the game!  

Some component types have EXTRAS added in so that YOU can have fun tweaking your playing experience (varying the difficulty of the game and creating unique scenarios).  This is being mentioned here on the rules page to clear-up some confusion that has surrounded how many components to include in the initial set-up of the game.  The following is a list of the items with extras included, AND how many are used in the standard default set-up:  Unknown Circumstances (use all except for the blank ones), Patrol Officers (4), Loyalty Cards (1/player), Police Cars (1/player except in a solo or two-person game, in which case use 1 support vehicle), Federal Agents (1), S.W.A.T. Tokens (2), and Street Punks (varies based on chart on page 1),  For correct default set-up, see pages 1-3 of the rule-book, and have fun creating your own custom Unknown Circumstances, and all the other creative things you can do with these extra bits & pieces! 

GAS LEAK          Event Card
Three things…
1.  Like the Stolen Car’s movement, the Gas Leak CAN be slowed down by Avoiding an Event Card draw (yes it is possible to NOT draw an event card).  If this occurs, do NOT roll a die (for more about HOW to avoid an Event Card draw, see “Committed” section above)
2.  Disregard the extra explanation about this card offered in the rule-book.
3.  A car passing through this space does not help with resolving it.  They must stop.

Internal Affairs          Event Card
This card works exactly like a “normal” accusation, except that…
It does not require a Cop to use an action, AND…
It does not require any donuts to be spent.
Aside from this, as always…
The accused must show all players their loyalty card, and…
The player making the accusation would still receive ALL of the benefits (a Donut) or penalties (lose ALL Police Cards) as the case may be (listed on page 12 of the rules), depending on the outcome (reward for being right / penalty for being wrong).  And…
If the accused is a Dirty Cop, they would follow the normal procedure listed in the rules (page 12).
Aside from the clarifications listed here, when this card comes into play, simply follow the instructions on the card.
Regarding Event Deck Previewing:  Certain rewards and Character Special Abilities (e.g. – “Intuition”) allow for previewing Event Cards.  If the Internal Affairs Card is viewed in such a manner, and it is not a viable Event (No Un-revealed Dirty Cop in game), then the player who is previewing is allowed to look at another card (as if the Internal Affairs Investigation Card was not in the deck — and place the card back in the box for the rest of the game).

Jail Break          Event Card
Four things…
1.  After Punks are placed on the board, move them (as the card describes) as each future Event Card is being drawn.
2.  Like the Stolen Car’s movement, the Jail Break CAN be slowed down by Avoiding an Event Card draw (yes it is possible to NOT draw an event card).  If this occurs, do NOT move the escapees (Punks).
3. In the 1st Edition Original Rulebook:  The Event Card is correctly written, but there is a contradiction in the rule-book (on page 14 under the section called “Special Cards Explained”).  This card needs no further explaining, so please disregard the page 14 mention of this card.
4.  By the way, never is movement on the board 
hampered unless specifically stated, thus the Jail Break does NOT block movement of cars. 

Mad Men Cards          Expansion #1
Some Fans of Police Precinct have acquired one or more Mad Men Cards.  To learn more about how to use these, click here.

OFFICER DOWN          Page 14
In the 1st Edition Original Rulebook:  The Event Card by this name is fine as-is, BUT there is a sentence on page 14 of the rules, in the section known as Special Cards Explained, That reads… “Officer Down- If all Patrol Officers have been removed from the game, fail this event and advance city crime by 1.”   Please strike this line from the rule-book.

Pierce          Character 
Due to his ability to use his Federal Agents Token, he is able to solve two Emergencies in one turn.  It should go without saying that he is entitled to receive any and all compensation (rewards) associated with this achievement. 

The prototype referred to these cards as “Player Cards”, but this was changed to “Police Cards” for the 1st Edition.  In the 1st Edition only, on Pierce’s character card there is a reference to Player Cards, in this instance (and in any and all others), it should read “Police Cards”.

PROBLEMS IN THE HOOD          Event Card
This card gives you a choice between either putting 3 total Punks out on the board (based on 3 separate die rolls), or removing one Punk from the game permanently.

RULE-BOOK UPDATES          Available Now
For those with the original 1st Edition rulebook, the Revised Rulebook is currently available through a Kit HERE!
Or if you would like the latest PDF version email a request to

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SET-UP, # OF PUNKS          Page 2
After placing your two emergencies on the board along with any resulting Punks (see upper right hand corner of Emergency Cards for possible extra Punks), then place 6 more random punks on the board (roll 6 die).  Do not place more than 3 in any one Hood (keep re-rolling).

STREET / STREET-SPACE          Page 4
The spaces that the vehicles move on are called “Streets”, or “Street-Spaces”.  Each “Street-Space” is bounded by sidewalks on two sides (opposite sides), and by intersection crosswalks on the other two sides (also opposite sides).  For a more detailed discussion of the topic go here…

STREET RIOT & JAIL BREAK          Event Cards
Yes, you DO earn a donut for arresting 3 (or more) Punks at one time in relation to these cards (even though it’s not in a Bad Hood).

VAN          Event Card
With the Escort Important Van card, and  any other scenario that  prevents you from drawing cards, please interpret this in the most harsh manner possible.  Meaning, in the case of the Van card, do not draw Police Cards in phase-3 of your turn.  Furthermore,  should  the Optional Training Event card surface before completing the Van’s Escort, do not draw Police Cards.  The same goes for the Allocated Resources Police Card (it is effectively worthless while the van is on the board — except for using it’s symbol to help others). 

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