SNITCH Relaunch!

You’re in the right place if you’re interested in finding-out what’s going on with SNITCH in the future.

Here’s the scoop in a nutshell…

SNITCH will return to Kickstarter!

To fully understand the future of SNITCH you sort of need to step back into the past and see where it came from.

Do YOU like the history of games and want to know more about this particular one?  If so here’s some info and links that will help explore SNITCH a bit deeper:

1.  INITIAL CAMPAIGN:  SNITCH was offered on Kickstarter (in early 2014), and missed it’s funding goal by a small amount.  Technically it was cancelled (within the last hour of the campaign) based on both the advice of the backers, and on our desire as a company to see YOU (the backers) get more for your money (Stretch Goals and fun stuff like that).

2.  THE FINAL DAY:  If you want to look back in history and see how this campaign played out in it’s final moments?  If so, you might want to start with Update #16 and go from there.

3.  BEHIND THE SCENES:  The story of SNITCH’s crowd funding saga is a very interesting one.  Try David’s show for a funny behind the scenes’s story about SNITCH’s initial launch (go to 38 minutes into the interview).  It will give you a pretty good idea of why things went as they did.

The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to the saga of SNITCH is that it’s not something that has played out yet.  We like to think of it as being a performance that happens to be in intermission right now, but by no means over!  As this page’s title implies, SNITCH shall return to the crowd funding scene.

4.  RELAUNCH:  SNITCH will return to Kickstarter.  That is more than just a casual prediction.  We liken it to a “fact” or a “commitment” to the product.  Imagine General Macarthur leaving the Philippines and stating “I shall return!” (I think those were his exact words).  So when it comes to this game, our exact words are… “SNITCH shall return!”

5.  TIMING:  SNITCH shall return, but when?  That’s the part that we don’t know.  For a deeper story on that, try this BGG thread!

Over time we will try to keep postings over on BGG in the thread listed above and likely other new threads.  One could expect these posts to occur periodically on the SNITCH topic, so…

Stay Tuned!

Another way to learn more is through the FAQ below…



Meaning, who is going to benefit from the return of SNITCH when it does happen?

ORIGINAL BACKERS Yes!!!  They never had their credit card hit back in 2014 and when the game re-launches on Kickstarter they are guaranteed to get an update letting them know about this.  At that point, they will be able to jump on-board for the 2nd time around if they are impressed again.

FUTURE BACKERSYes!!!  If you missed the Kickstater the first time around, fear not!  You can get in the next time!!!  To be sure you hear about it get on our Kickstarter Launch Update List.

SNITCH! (The Game) – Yes!!!  The game itself will benefit!  When SNITCH comes back it will do so in a much stronger fashion (we believe).  This means that it will go farther and be better!

FLGSYes!!!  When SNITCH comes back even stronger the 2nd time around, the growing fan-base will make in-store sales play out nicely for retailers.  On top of this, we plan to have our usual awesome retail package available during the campaign (which is in fact even better than the package we had in the original campaign).

EVERYONE ELSE – Yes!!!  We just don’t see anyone NOT benefiting from this development.


Meaning, will SNITCH be called SNITCH when it returns?

MAYBE! – We love the name SNITCH!  That said…

MAYBE NOT! – During the time that has elapsed since the initial Kickstarter campaign for SNITCH, another game has come out using the SNITCH! name (though they don’t capitalize every letter and don’t place an “!” at the end of the name).  This fact has created a fair bit of confusion already with reviewers and fans of SNITCH!  The end result is that we may decide to come back under a new name.

Coming back under a new name is a bit saddening to us because we feel quite attached to the name SNITCH!  That said, some folks were turned off by the idea that they were playing a “Dirty Rotten Snitch” in the game.  They heard the name and didn’t give it a chance.  If they had, they would have realized that they actually were NOT playing a Snitch at all, but in fact playing a detective who works with a network of informants to get info.  We of course understand where they’re coming from and don’t want to lose potential fan-base due to a misunderstanding of this sort.

So, for assorted reasons, we may not be returning under the “SNITCH!” name.

But what will the name be?

If we do end up changing the name, here are some possible options and the thinking around them:

Let’s start by saying that — We (Ole/CMG) are expanding the Police Precinct brand to include other base games over time such as “Police Precinct: Let’s Roll”, “Police Precinct: Internal Affairs”, and “Police Precinct: Dooms Day” (along with others).  SNITCH may fall under this umbrella too, and when it comes back it might have a name like… “Police Precinct: SNITCH” or “Police Precinct: CI” (Stands for Confidential Informant).  It also might be “SNITCH: From the World of Police Precinct”.  Regardless of the final name choice, SNITCH will be a part of our new Law Enforcement Line of Games.  All of this is part of our Unified Brand Initiative.  Find out more HERE!