– Quotes from Backers

The following are quotes from backers of the 2016 UPLIFT campaign…


“I’ve never had a company so concerned about whether I’ve gotten my stuff. It’s really cool. Thanks Karl!” (B.B. from UT)

“My wife opened everything (and sleeved everything) and was super excited! Plus, she already loves Cypher!” (S.G. from MA)

“I’m so happy I could cry (I’m kind of a mush).

Picked up my game from the Post Office today and I am completely and utterly blown away. This has been a top notch experience from the very beginning.

Examining and touching the components, I’m amazed at what quality we’re all getting for the money we invested. I cannot possibly overstate that. This is my first experience with Common Man Games, but it will NOT be my last, I guarantee.

This game is taking its place of honor on my games shelf next to Flash Point: Fire Rescue. I’ve always seen the local police and the local firefighters as two sides of the same coin ever since I was a kid. To Protect and Serve on one side, and “If they sent us to hell, we’d put it out” on the other. 😀
Cheers!” (S.D. from CA)

“Karl, I picked it up and it’s AMAZING! I got #8! It’s… beautiful… high quality… and all the extras fit in the box. Well worth the money and THEN SOME! Thank you again! This has been a really well done Kickstarter and has restored my faith in the process a little bit. Common Man Games is always going to get my support.” (Another from S.D. of CA)

“everything is fine here the game looks great thank you.” (M.M. from FL)

“Got the game. Everything came without any damage. Game looks amazing! ” (D.B. from OH)

“Everything is great! I back quite a few games on Kickstarter, and this was one of the best. Good communication, frequent updates, and now I have the game in hand with a very fast turnaround time. You guys did excellent–thanks!” (C.H. from NH)

“Got it today. Looks good. Thanks” (P.P. from TX)

“Heck yeah! Got it today! and already posted on my page, bgg, TBG, consortium, and Just got played’s page. It looks great.” (P.S. from FL)

“The game is here and it looks BEAUTIFUL. Can’t wait to bust it out at my next game night.” (P.N. from GA)

“Yes the game arrived and the components and board are phenomenal.” (J.V. of CT)

“Hi Karl, Thanks! Everything looks great! Thanks for your great game!!” (E.K. from PA)

“Hi Karl, So far so good. I haven’t looked in great detail at the components yet, but I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The component quality is great, and I am delightfully surprised with how compact the box is, considering everything in it. The insert at the bottom for all the cards (including expanded stuff) is really convenient, especially with the board fitting above to contain them from falling out of their slots. I can’t wait to look through everything and get my first game in!” (R.J. from NY)

“Picked it up yesterday, everything seems great. Can’t wait to try out the
new version at game night next week.” (C.B. from PA)

“It’s funny, I wanted to play the game a ton after watching the Dice Tower video, then I watched Rahdo’s play through and I was hooked.” (R.D. from NY)

“Received my copy and let me just say…wow. Everything is beautiful! The only complaint I have is that I did not purchase another copy! Components are wonderful, the board is HUGE, the crime scene tape was a nice touch! Overall, this campaign was the best run, best valued, and most anticipated for me. When season two comes, I’ll be getting it all!! Thanks Karl for the wonderful experience that is Police Precinct!” (B.W. from FL)

“@Karl, So, I tried the 11-42 tonight; and it was a blast! Tried is a two-player with my wife, played as Costello and Kinney, and we managed to win on the last player’s turn of the last round. Tried a hail mary and it worked – I investigated on my turn and managed to get the last piece of evidence and then my wife went for an arrest (murderer and two punks) and managed to pull it off. Now, that being said, it was a tough fight; and I think we only pulled off a victory thanks to Lady Luck. I think about 90-95% of our rolls were a 5 or 6, which was great for our Emergencies and arrests, but was bad when we pulled the Gas Leak.

We also managed to have a long stint where we didn’t pull any emergencies, thanks to rewards from emergencies on the board, and pulling a lot of internal memos and incident reports. That was a big boon in terms of providing us enough time to really clean up the board and get some investigating done.

We loved it! Can’t wait to play more of this amazing game!” (N.B. from TN)

“The card quality is really good. I was very impressed going through the box last night and excited to try it. From the looks of it many of the expansions are just ready to mix in, but a couple had special rules attached so I kept those out of the mix for now.” (I.M. from CA)

“game arrived yesterday and played it last nite. Super! Won my first solo (2 character game) already” (E.G. from MA)

“Got my game this morning!!!!!!” (J.P. from CA)

“Loving the game so far – My wife and I won our first game, even though we may have used the Mad Men expansion incorrectly. And the third game we played the other night went well right until the end. Luckily, Captain Odell (me) was keeping on task and hunting down the evidence to catch the murderer, or else we would have lost that one instead of winning it at the last minute. The second game…well, let’s just say that I wasn’t there, and things didn’t go well. At least my record is spotless (so far…) Thanks for the wonderful game!” (S.G. from MA)

“Backer 100 reporting in, Sir. Received all the evidence this morning. Have come to the conclusion that this mission was a huge success and looks fantastic. Awesome work on this case Karl. Great to see this one solved ahead of schedule. Looking forward to saving the city. Many times I hope. Thank you for a job well done.” (K.M. from NJ)

“As always, thanks for making such a great game!” (R.A. from UT)

“Arrived yesterday! Looks great! Thanks so much.” (E.D. from NY)

“got it and of course it looks amazing. Thanks so much!” (D.B. from WI)

“I appreciate your speedy fulfillment! Yours is the first early delivery Kickstarter I’ve been a part of.” (L.P. from TN)

“Hey Karl, I forgot to mention it, but the game came a couple days later. It looks like I received a bunch of extra promo stuff! Thank you! On a publishing note, the games component quality is great!” (K.W. from CO)

“I signed up to Kickstarter because of this project and have since backed a few other projects since signing up. While I’m still pretty fresh in the Kickstarter scene, I have enough experience to know who is and isn’t doing a good job with setting up and communicating what is going on with their project. I have to say that my experience with your project is by far the best I have experienced. The product description, stretch goals, updates and activity on the message boards have been nothing short of exceptional and I’m sure everyone that has backed this project feels the same way. Keep up the great work!!!” (B.J. from New Zealand)

“Just got the box, dude I’m blown away by this game! Love the crime scene tape, great touch! Also, big shout out on the quality of the manual. It has some nice heft to it. Looking forward to playing my first game soon. Thank you for a fantastic product and for your amazing level of service throughout the campaign.” (L.P. from TN)

“Also, as a side, may I note a few things: Last night was our first time with PP2e, we played three games, back-to-back (lost them all). My wife loved it, my brother (a co-op game fan and cop by coincidence) loved it, my son as well, and I must admit, I did too. Fun, good mechanics, hard – just well done in every way. And, importantly for me, well produced. More than a few times we stopped to say how well the components, rule book, box (all of it) were produced – good quality. My wife actually said: “you can tell this guy cared about this game.” I am going on record as saying this is one of the best KS I have done – thank you. (I don’t normally rave about games, but this deserves it.)” (R.H. from VA)

“Police Precinct was one of the best thematic co-ops I’ve ever played!” (V.F. from HI)

“Everything was perfect. I’ve been lucky, insofar as all –but one– of the projects I have back have delivered their rewards on time, but, Police Precinct was, far-and-away, the fastest. So, thank you very much for all of the hard work you did to get the game into backers’ hands.” (N.W. from OH)

“Thanks for the info – I’m really pleased to see the game so active still. I’ve introduced it to a lot of family and friends in the past (I come from a family of police officers, so it wasn’t tough to get them interested).” (J from England)

The following is one of our retail backers talking about the idea that they DID feel comfortable going beyond the norm with Police Precinct and ordering 9 copies plus a demo: “We normally only stock 6 copies for aggressively selling titles” (MM from GA)

“Good one, guys. Good one. Bonus: a nice gash was taken out of the top of the shipping box, but thanks to the best packing job in recent KS memory nothing was damaged by it! I also love the neat touch at the bottom of the box but won’t spoil it for others 😉 Now if only I could find some time to learn the game. Nah who am I kidding–I’ll probably neglect all kinds of things to get this played. Thanks again for a great campaign!” (Y.P. from MS)

“Karl: I just wanted to thank you for your kindness in helping me get a copy of the second edition. It just arrived today and the components are absolutely gorgeous! This is a game of outstanding quality and I am proud to have it in my collection.” (K.M. from WI)

“Got the game today. Beautiful!” (J.P. from WA)

“Karl, Game arrived today (that was quick) and everything is truly excellent (the art, quality and thickness of the board and tokens, all the stretch goal extras, even the crime scene tape was a nice added touch). Thank you for all of your hard work and effort on this edition as well as the first edition. We look forward getting this to the table next week.” (K.P. from NY)

“I will tell you, HANDS DOWN, this is the BEST PLASTIC INSERT I have ever seen! I pledged the whole 2nd Edition boat–from having nothing to having everything!–and with bonuses and Stretch Goals and legacies…every card, every counter, even two kinds of dice…EVERY component has a bin without forcing ANYTHING! And one huge pocket on the side, mostly empty, for anything else down the pike.

CLASS ACT. ALL THE WAY. Karl, sooo many other creators (and several dozen PROFESSIONAL gaming companies!) should be grossly embarrassed by their shoddy attempts at storage.

Not to mention a superior array of quality components! THICK cardboard chits, and solid cardstock with no BOWING! (Seriously, I checked, because my brain couldn’t comprehend how every durn card in the box could be so flat. It’s…inhuman.)

The whole box…just beyond gorgeous.” (J.T. From CA)

“Got my game, and it looks awesome! Very high quality just like John said! Can’t wait to play! Thanks!” (E.P. from OK)

“Police Precinct is now all opened, punched, bagged, and tidily organized in the really nice insert. Also, I love the ribbon look around the outside of the bottom of the game box.” (R.B. from MA)

“It arrived just now in Germany. Can’t wait to play, looks amazing.” (C.R. from Germany)
“the police precinct box has arrived. thank you very much! a big smile on the face.” (A.Z. from AT of EU)

“This game looks terrific. Can’t wait to get it to the table. A buddy and I both backed this so it will be a fight to see which copy gets played first!” (K.N. from Canada)

“just received today! YESSSS just in time for this long WE! Looks amazing, thanks Karl, was eagerly waiting for it, not having been able to get the 1st edition.” (C.E. from France)

“So, basically I’m still waiting for a tracking number… BUT! my wife just sent me an image of the opened parcel which arrived this morning. Yay, it’s here! Can’t wait to get home.” (S.B. from CH of EU)

“Just received mine in the UK too. Looks amazing….can’t wait to get the first game set up.” (J.G. from England)

“Hey Karl, Received Police Precinct last week but have only been home one night so have been unable to have a game yet. I have had the pleasure of unboxing it though and must say that I am very impressed with the quality of the components. Once again, thanks for running a well orginised campaign and great work with the end product. I will be keeping a close eye on any future campaigns you offer.” (B.J.M. from New Zealand)

“Received my copy of the game this week. Thanks a lot its a wonderful coop game.” (S.R. from Germany)

“I opened the box yesterday night and the material is awesome, made with great quality and very beautiful.” (P.J. from Canada)

“After receiving the game I played it differnt times. It is always challenging and fun. Last time we played it (2 persons) we catched the murderer in the very last turn. The game is great!” (C.G. from Germany)

“Very easy to learn and the rule book is very easy to follow.” (A.K.F. from England)

“I must say the component quality is stellar for this game. The cards are premium cardboard as are the player boards. The rule book deserves special mention. Highest quality i have seen in a board game.” (T.B. from Australia)

“the component’s Quality is GREAT!” (A.A. from Spain)

“Yes, thank you! It’s gorgeous!” (M.C. from WA)

“Everything looks great. Thanks Karl!” (T.Y. from WA)

“Yes everything arrived and is great. Thanks!” (J.K. from CT)

“Looks awesome” (J.P. from MN)