If you have come to this page, it’s likely because you are a Kickstarter backer who wants to take action to get your Kit Early.

That is the purpose of this page, to help YOU get everything you want, when and how you want it.

In order to do that, you have two choices.  Both of these choices involve you freeing yourself from any sort of Combo Deal.  Meaning, if you have backed at any level that offers you BOTH the base-game AND the Kit, then you need to change this.  If you are at a level that has the word “Package” in the title, then you have a “Combo Deal”.

If you want your Kit early (prior to the 2nd Edition being ready), then you need to pledge for either JUST the Kit or Just the 2nd Edition.

Let’s take a look at how each of these will work…


JUST THE 2ND EDITION:  If you pledge at this level (cost = $50 for USA backers), then we will ship you ONLY the 2nd Edition (when it’s ready), BUT we will ALSO ship you a Kit (shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends) if you follow the instructions listed below…

It’s very easy, simply send us a payment via Paypal:
Our Paypal is:
Your Kit Includes:  The Heat, Rioting Gangs, etc. (exactly as listed on the Kickstarter)*
Address:  Of course, please include your address (Thanks!)
Amount:  Depends on where you reside (exactly as listed on the Kickstarter Page), as follows…

USA = $24 USD


EU = $45 USD



* YOU GET MORE:  In this case, the Kit you will receive is “THE 1ST EDITION KIT”.  This is being done to keep fulfillment simple and low cost for everyone.  So, when you take us up on this offer, you are paying more for your Kit than if you had stuck with the Package Deal ($24 vs $19 if in the USA), but you do get two things in exchange for this cost. One is that you get the Kit MUCH sooner, the other is that you get more in your Kit.  If you compare the Kits side-by-side, you will notice that The Revised Rulebook is included in this Kit but not in the Kit that comes with the Package Deal. It’s really nice to have a spare rulebook floating around the table during a session of Police Precinct, so enjoy!


Note:  Please ONLY pay for a Kit this way if you have a “Package” deal via the Kickstarter and you want to get your Kit sent to you early.  If all you want is a Kit, please order it through the Kickstarter (use the Kit pledge level).  Also if you have a Package deal and you want to save money, please leave it as-is on the Kickstarter, this just means everything will ship later when the 2nd Edition is ready.  



JUST THE KIT:  If you pledge at this level, then we will ship you ONLY The Kit, and this will happen shortly after the campaign ends, BUT we will ALSO (right away / NOW) ship your very own copy of the basegame (The 1st Edition) if you follow the instructions listed below (while supplies last)…

Send us an email with this exact subject line “GET ME A 1st EDITION — USA
(this is only available in the USA, but BNW will soon also have a VERY small supply for the EU, check with them to see if they have any left —

2.  REPLY:
You will receive a reply from us which simply says “Sure!
Note: supplies of this item are limited (VERY limited), so the “Sure!” response that you get from us is your proof that we have not yet run out, but please proceed forward with the rest of the steps in a timely manner because this is a First-Come-First-Served situation.  Rest assured that if we receive any payments for product AFTER we are completely sold-out, we will of course refund 100%.

3.  PAY:
After you see this reply, pay us via our shopping cart right here on the CMG website.
Please know that our intention is that the few copies we have left are for Kickstarter backers only, which is why the website will make it look like we are 100% sold out, BUT you can still place the order (just ignore the statements about being sold-out).  To find the shopping cart, click here (and look toward the bottom of the page).