The Dirty Dozen

Hello and welcome to this special page on our website that focuses on a particular type of Character for Police Precinct.These characters are designed especially for games played involving the Dirty Cop component.

As the name implies, we envision eventually having 12 of these special characters. The first such character is Daryl Smith who is being released as part of the UPLIFT Expansionary group of Characters in 2016.  Daryl is a REAL COP, and Daryl really did serve as an Internal Affairs Officer.  To clarify, we consider a “cop” to always be a “cop” even if they have finished their career serving to keep us all safe.  That is the case for Daryl who is a retired Dayton Ohio officer (so to is Doug Roderick – also a character in Police Precinct).

Thanks Daryl and Doug for all of your years of service!


Meaning, how to tell if a Character is intended to ONLY be used in a game session involving the Dirty Cop.

It’s simple actually, just look for the tiny set of handcuffs hanging just below the signature line of the Character.  These handcuffs represent this character’s desire to arrest a Dirty Cop.  BUT keep in mind that THEY might be the Dirty Cop!  By the way, the other way to tell that you have a member of the Dirty Dozen is by reading your special abilities and noticing that they just don’t sound overly helpful in a pure Co-op session!


(notice the handcuffs just below Daryl’s signature — ONLY Characters that are from the Dirty Dozen series will have this marking)


In case you are not familiar with the two primary ways to play Police Precinct:

1.  PURE CO-OP:  In this version, all players are working together to “beat the board” so-to-speak.  The entire group either wins or loses as a unit.  The “board” (game itself) is constantly throwing new challenges at the group (all of the players) while time is running out. In this style of play, players can be very open about everything (for example cards are laid-out face-up in each player’s area).

2.  WITH THE DIRTY COP:   In this version, most players are working together to “beat the board”.  Unfortunately for the “Good Cops” there is a “Dirty Cop” in their midst.  Exactly WHO this Dirty Cop is remains a mystery. The Dirty Cop tries to stay hidden for as long as possible.  As usual, the entire group either wins or loses as a unit, BUT the Dirty Cop has the opposite win/loss condition as the rest of the group.  There are many ways to play utilizing the Dirty Cop component.  The most common is to use ONE Dirty Cop, but other options include using two, and using systems that leave a cloud of doubt about how many (if any) there are in the game.  No matter how you play, the paranoia is palpable!


As we have stated, there will be more, and we wish to invite YOU to help shape them!

If YOU have an idea for a special ability for a future member of the Dirty Dozen, please go HERE to post your idea!

And, thanks!