Yes, it’s true, there is a typo/misprint/mistake/oops involving the compass on the board.  East and West are reversed.  In addition to this, one of the cards follows this misaligned compass (Car Theft Card).


In relation to the Board, the correct way to handle this issue is to disregard the “E” and the “W” (and the “S”).  What you want to do is to basically, view the compass as just one arrow pointing toward “N” (North), as is often found on maps.

In relation to the misprinted card (known as the Car Theft card), the fix is to please reverse every direction mentioned on the card.  So, replace East with West, etc.  Thus the car starts in front of the Morgue (as stated), and moves Eastward, and eventually off the far right (East) side of the board (if not stopped).
Wait a second, one more thing about this card (unrelated to the misprint issue); if, during play of the game, you are somehow able to avoid having to actually draw an Event Card (this is possible), then YES you have also avoided forcing the Stolen Car to move one more space on the board (do not move the car).

In addition to the card mentioned above, there is one other thing (that we are aware of so far) that is impacted by the compass mishap.  It is…
On page 2 of the rule-book  during set-up, gamers are asked to place the Crime Scene Evidence Deck in the Parking lot just “East” of Tolloty Apartments on Block 4.  Post-correcting of the reversed compass, this should read “West” of course.  


Owners of the game have a choice in how to deal with this issue.  They can either, understand the ruling and play accordingly (do nothing), OR they can take action as follows…  
For the compass, print a corrected image and apply it to the game-board.  
Regarding the card, in addition to doing nothing to the card, you can (if you want) use a Sharpie to cross off key words in such a way that leaves you easily able to understand how to play this card.  If you play with card sleeves, there is another option, which is printing a corrected version of the card and placing it inside the sleeve with the original card such that the correct version is on-top (visible).  Images for correcting in this manner are below, please feel free to use them.  Our deepest apology for this error.


These images come from our high res print-ready PDF and have been converted to jpegs, using both in RGB and CMYK color.  You can use either one you want.  We suggest trying the RGB first as it may match the coloring of your game more closely, but keep in mind that it may print differently than it appears on your screen (also, everyone’s printer is different).  If you prefer to use the actual print-ready PDF itself, go to the Police Precinct page on BGG… and look under “Files”.






If, we here at Common Man Games, release a Booster-Pack (or full-blown expansion) for Police Precinct (don’t worry, we will), and if we can keep our compass directions straight, then we just might have some surprises in store for you (hint hint… in relation to this topic).

So Stay-Tuned for announcements on this!