When it comes to Common Man Games Products, what is available at any given point in time depends a great deal on where you’re located.

As for Canada:

Police Precinct is effectively sold-out at this point, BUT…

The Kit will be available soon in the Canadian market.

The Kit includes:
The Heat
Rioting Gangs
Mad Men 5-Pack
Promo Cards (Rocket Launcher & Dirty Bomb), and
The Revised Rulebook
“If you own the 1st Edition, YOU should own the Kit too!”

Click Here to go to the expansions section of our website for more info on these individual items.

The Street Date for this item is April Fools 2014!

By the way, one place that you CAN get the Kit in CANada is right HERE!

We also have a 2nd Edition of the game in development.

Stay Tuned for details on a Street Date for 2E!

We supply Canada through the same awesome distribution network as the USA (which is GTS).

A big thanks goes out to all of the great stores throughout Canada that have helped get Police Precinct out to gamers.

And, a special thanks to two stores in particular:

1.  Tao with  Starlit Citadel is our new Kickstarter fulfillment agent for all of Canada.  Beyond this, they will be carrying all of our products, and acting as the service arm of Common Man Games within Canada.  We ship directly to their freight forwarder in Washington state when a Kickstarter is involved, and then they will be re-supplying via GTS at all other times. Thanks for all you are doing Tao!

2.  Sean over at German Boardgames has been a great partner with us for a long time now.  Thanks Sean!