O KICKSTARTER PARA  BRASILEIROS (Brazil Friendly Kickstarter) 

COMMON MAN GAMES:  Here is an interesting thread which discusses our new and very strong commitment to Brazil.  If you read it, it will give you a pretty good background on where we came from and how we got where we are now.

ABOUT THE FIRST EVER BRAZIL FRIENDLY KICKSTARTER:  In a nut-shell, here is the scoop:  We want to be a leader in a movement to reduce the costs of Kickstarters for all Brazilians.  That said, we don’t want to get in over our heads and/or make any big mistakes.  This is why we are splitting apart the Brazilian backers into waves (small groups).


WAVES: Basically, we want to see Wave #1 processed all the way through, including hearing back from the backers that it was an excellent experience.  If that doesn’t happen in a way that we are satisfied with, we will find a better way to handle wave #2, and if we can’t then we will process refunds for Wave #2 either via Kickstarter (if that window is open at the time), if not then through Paypal.

We are limiting the size of wave #1 in case something does go wrong, we don’t want too many folks being affected.  We are limiting the size of group #2 because the fees we will have to pay will be great (involved with receiving Kickstarter funding and then refunding those backers through Paypal, etc. — all of that costs money that adds up very quickly).

TRAIL BLAZERS:  Note that we are seeking special adventurous Brazilians to be the Wave #1 and Wave #2 backers.  Part of this involves you having a willingness to offer feedback to the community about your experiences with the process.  Particularly with regard to the delivery and exactly how that goes (was it really friendly?  How was the service? Etc.).  So if you select these levels, we would like to thank you in advance for being great Trail Blazers!

THE 3RD WAVE:  If both of these waves mentioned above do get filled-up completely during this campaign there is always Wave #3.  Fortunately there is a relatively high limit to this wave (50), so we can accommodate many Brazilians!  By the way, even if the other two waves DON’T fill up, you CAN, if you want, still select Wave #3 (if openings exist).
Wave #3 is very unique, and even though it does ship last, it has it’s own distinct advantages!
Here’s how it works:
It only costs $1 USD to get in during the Kickstarter, then later (but not until we are ready to ship you) we will collect the rest of the reward amount plus shipping (grand total cost is $102 USD).

Beyond Wave #3:
As mentioned in the Pledge Level itself, if this pledge level does fill-up, we will take action to handle the situation thus allowing ALL Brazilians a place in this — The First Ever Brazil Friendly Kickstarter!!!

Finally:  Please know that Wave #3 might consist of several different batches, see below for why…

UNDER $3,000:  Note that part of the advantage of handling things this way (in waves) is that it keeps us under the $3,000 mark per wave (this is a threshold that affects the complexity of customs processing, if we go above it, difficulty increases, thus costs increase).  For this reason, we may have to split Wave #3 into more than one batch (time will tell).

ONE ITEM:  We would like to keep things simple for all concerned (including customs), which is why we are only offering one item (The 2nd Edition Package).  Please remember this is still in the experimental stages, so let’s all work together to give this the greatest chance for success.

THE REST OF SOUTH AMERICA:  Common Man Games loves you too!  We hope to see this “Brazil Friendly Movement” effect you and your country just as much as Brazil.  Working toward this point could be a lengthy process, or it could happen right away.  That’s a little hard to say at this point, BUT…
Granted, this might be an optimistic prediction, but here goes…
If you live in the “Mercosul/Mercosur” part of South America then you will get your games shipped to you in a Friendly Manner, AND at the same prices as Brazil.
To understand this concept, let’s compare the Mercosul/Mercosur Zone to the EU Zone.  When we ship games in bulk to Germany and then our German partner sends the parcels out to backers, the backers all pay the same amount and all avoid extra taxes.  That is what we think will happen for ALL of you who live in the Mercosul/Mercosur Zone.
(reminder: Anyone who backs from a non-Brazilian country, you are helping us all gather data about this grand experiment.  Thank you for this!  Also, we do not guarantee that our optimistic prediction will end-up being true, but we will work hard to try to have that be the case).
WHO IS IN:  Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. Associate members: Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Guyana and Suriname have signed the agreement, but still need legislative approval.
FINAL NOTE:  If the end-result is that there are some taxes on your non-Brazilian shipment, then we would predict that they were ultimately lower (because you were shipped from within South America) than they would have been otherwise (had we shipped you directly from the USA).  Let’s call this “Semi-Friendly!”
HOW TO PROCEED:  So, if you are from South America and reside in the Mercosul/Mercosur Zone, AND you’re interested in participating in this campaign/experiment in “Southern Friendliness“, then feel free to pledge at the Brazil-based Wave #3 level. When the time comes to ship your rewards, we will likely know more about what is in store for you.  Then, based on the information available at that time, you can weight-out the risks and the rewards related to finalizing your order (It would be perfectly acceptable for you to decline to proceed, if you did, you would only be out one US dollar).

STREET DATE:  To be fair to the pioneering folks of Brazil who get behind this Kickstarter (Uplift) we want to set the Street Date a good healthy distance into the future after the last wave gets their shipments.  But, once we hear confirmation that everyone has their games, we will start a 60-day count-down clock to that exciting day…
THE FIRST DAY that Police Precinct is available in stores in Brazil!

BE ONE OF THE ONLY:  We estimate that prior to this Kickstarter (UPLIFT), there were maybe 9 copies grand total of Police Precinct in the entire country of Brazil.  So if you are in  any of these waves (especially Wave #1) when your game arrives, you have something VERY rare and very unique!

HELP CHANGE THE WORLD:  Is that an overstatement?  Maybe, but if YOU are sick of Brazil getting shafted on Kickstarter, and feeling like the tabletop industry is charging you way to much for games, and doing this over-and-over, then help support a company (Common Man) that is determined to change that.  How?  By getting behind this Kickstarter.  Make History!