– Quotes from Beta Testers

What you see below are quotes from Real gamers just like you who played the app during the Beta Testing Phase:

“This Police Precinct app is a spot-on recreation of the physical game, and the interface is very intuitive. I love being able to play Police Precinct without having to drag out all the cards and bits.” (Don Riddle, designer of Police Precinct: Internal Affairs)

“Where it really shines, for me, is solo play. I get to play police precinct now when I’m not able to get a game group together, not have to worry about setup/clean up, and with the app I can easily manage playing several different characters (which is much harder to do with the hard copy).”  (Patrick Dettmar, Designer Ambulance Rescue)

“Police Precinct is one of my favorites cooperative games..  Sometimes, it does not always make it to the table due to time or space available to play it.  The app allows me to have as many games going at the same time, and to take it with me and play it when I can.  The app is great, and brings the flavor of the table top game to my tablet.” (M.W.)

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